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C.B. ONE, s.r.o. Prievidzská 57,
972 51 Handlová

+421 (0) 903 804 173

ARB profesionálna štartovacia powerbanka (24,000mAh @ 5V / 4,800mAh @12V)

Predajná cena280,80 €
Predajná cena bez DPH234,00 €
Cena / kg:

Rýchly kontakt: 0903 804 173,

Product Specification

Have you or a family member ever been caught with a flat battery and the vehicle just will not start, leaving you stranded at home, the shopping centre or somewhere in the vast Outback. Imagine if you had a compact smart jump starter in your glovebox to get you going again - introducing the new ARB Professional Jump starter.

Perfect for a 4x4, family vehicle, boat, motorcycle, used car yard or ride-on lawnmower, the lithium powered ARB Jump starter has plenty of power to start a 12V vehicle with engine capacity up to 5L V8 Diesel or 6L petrol.

Good things come in small parcels. The ARB jump starter includes intelligent sensing and charging technology. When charging the jump starter from either of the included AC or DC chargers, the inbuilt sensors prevent overcharging or undercharging of the lithium battery. When the time arrives to use the jump starter on a vehicle, the intelligent heavy-duty Jump cables monitor battery voltage, polarity and charge condition alerting the user via a series of LED lamps to any potential installation problems.

  • Safely starts 12V vehicles, up to 5L V8 Diesel or 6L petrol engines
  • Suitable for cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, boats, RV and power sports
  • Power to jump start up to 20 times on a full charge, relevant to engine size
  • Heavy duty, high amperage spring loaded clamps
  • Intelligent jump cables with boost function, reverse polarity and spark protection
  • Inbuilt smart charger prevents overcharging and excess discharging
  • 12V Cig socket to power devices such as lighting, depth sounder or fridge
  • 2 x USB ports for charging electronic apparatus
  • Smart USB cable, capable of charging either a micro or lightning USB smartphone
  • 100 Lumen inbuilt flashlight with 4 modes (High, Strobe, SOS, Off)
  • 240Vac and 12Vdc charges included
  • Convenient, sturdy and compact EVA nylon storage case

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