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Expanding on the great features of our roof top tent range, ARB are now offering seperately a simple do it yourself lighting and power system designed to suit most roof top tents and awnings with 25mm tubing. These are already included with the ARB Flinders Rooftop Tent. Boasting 300 lumen of light output and IP54 splash resistance, this touch sensitive light is sure to provide enough light to light up your roof top tent, all while consuming less than 1 amp. The light also provides dimming settings to help set the mood if required via touching the touch sensitive switch. The touch sensitive is great as it negates the need to fumble around in the pitch black of the night to find the on/off switch. The ARB Tent Light is not just lighting, it also includes an 8amp continuous draw 12V cig style socket and 2 x USB ports (2.1A & 1A) to help charge devices and bring power from the vehicle up into your tent. Note for DIY version, all cables will run on the outside of your poles.

  • 300 lumen light output – dimmable
  • Touch sensitive switch
  • 25mm (0.98”) clamps to suit ARB Flinders, ARB Simpson III and ARB Kakadu tents
  • Up to 1A draw @ 12V for lighting only
  • Connects to 12V cig plug in vehicle
  • Extends powers from spare 12V cig plug in vehicle
  • Two USB plugs (2.1A and 1A) and a 12V cig plug
  • Weather-resistant external plugs and fused 4m (13 feet) cable
  • Clips on to aluminium bows in tent
  • Can also be used on Awnings and other brand roof top tents with 25mm tubing

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