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Opakovač LINX TPMS

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Rýchly kontakt: 0903 238 459,
The need to monitor our tyre pressures on the go has never been more important for both vehicle, trailer and caravan. But, with the addition of extra equipment, plus the advancements in the structural integrity of vehicles today, in some cases this has caused dropouts between the TPMS sensors and LINX.

Today, we have the solution for you - the LINX TPMS Repeater.

  • Up to 300% increase in tyre sensor data transmitted
  • Eliminates altogether or effectively reduces drop outs of data
  • Simple 12-volt (only), hardwired installation
  • Waterproof and suitable for mounting outside the vehicle
  • Replaces the need for part number 819108
  1. Mount the LINX TPMS Repeater on top of the existing trailer plug, or in a similar location, with the LED light facing upwards and the aerial facing out the back of the vehicle. This allows the repeater to hear all tyre sensors at the same physical level, then transmit the data back into the vehicle.
  2. Connect the black wire to a good body ground.
  3. Connect the red wire to an Accessory (ACC) switched power source.
    Note, on top of the repeater is an LED light that illuminates red when powered.
    Once powered on the booster will work automatically. Existing installations will not need to be reprogrammed as a result of installing it.

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