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ARB kuchyňa Slide Kitchen

Predajná cena2901,60 €
Predajná cena bez DPH2418,00 €
Cena / kg:

Rýchly kontakt: 0903 804 173,
  • Vonkajšie rozmery -1355 x 500 x 310mm (H) (53,3x19,6x12 ”)
  • Vnútorné rozmery - 1250 x 485 x 190 mm (v)
  • Rozmery nerezovej vrchnej dosky - 1250 x 485 mm - rovnomerné rozloženie váhy 30 kg
  • Vnútorné rozmery malej zásuvky - 450 x 345 x 145 mm (V)
  • Voliteľná náhradná zásuvka - 1210 x 445 x 145 mm
  • 89 kg (196 libier)

  • Contained within an ARB modular drawer frame (fits RD/RFH/RF & RDRF 1355 mm Drawers). Integrates as a normal drawer would.
  • Stainless steel
  • Three-burner cooktop with glass lid (made by Thetford England)
  • 12L collapsible silicone sink with plug
  • Bench space
  • Utensils drawer
  • Safety: flame out technology & lid close gas shutoff
  • No need for a supporting leg, free standing

Adding to our existing comprehensive range of Outback Solutions Roller Drawers is the latest fully onboard, integrated and perfectly practical ARB Slide Kitchen, complete with sink! While contained within an ARB modular drawer frame, the Slide Kitchen is not just a drawer, but a complete, stainless steel, slide-out kitchen with bench space, a Thetford three-burner cooktop, kitchen sink and its very own utensils drawer.
The ARB Slide Kitchen has been designed specifically to be integrated with existing ARB drawer installations.

The new modular unit is built to the same dimensions of our existing full height 1355mm deep (typically used in a dual cab pickup) modular drawer profile, and due to the length required is only available in this size. The Slide Kitchen slots right in and can be accompanied by any of ARB’s roller (RF), mid-height (RFH) or full height drawers (RD/RDRF), and then finished off neatly with our existing range of vehicle-specific side panels. It can also be installed independent of any other drawers as a stand alone unit for use in custom builds such as wagons, vans, camping canopies, service bodies and camper trailers.
The three-burner stove is designed and manufactured in England by the reputable appliance manufacturer Thetford. The burners are housed & protected by a toughened glass lid (which doubles as a splashback)within a sunken stainless-steel dish, providing its own level of wind protection and easy clean-up. The stove is suitable for pans or pots up to 22cm for the larger rapid burner and up to 11cm for the two smaller burners. For added safety, the gas automatically turns off if the burners go out or when the lid is shut. Gas is delivered via a quick-connect bayonet gas connector, which can only be connected after set-up and has to be disconnected to store, further improving the safety of this device as a whole. The stoves are all 100% tested to strict quality control to ensure its ultimate safety before leaving the plant in England.

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